IARDTM facilitates the collection and disbursement of fees associated with filings processed on the system. Once an Investment Adviser (IA) firm establishes an IARD User Account to gain access to and file on the IARD system, a FINRA Flex-Funding Account (CRD/IARD Daily Account) is also set up for that firm. The links available below will provide important information on IA-related fees as well as guidance with the IARD Accounting functionality.


IA Firm Fees

IA Representative (IAR) Fees


Electronic Payment via E-Bill.

IARD Accounting
Provides an overview of the setup and functions of your firmís Flex-Funding Account.

IARD Accounting Navigation Guide
Directional assistance with the IARD Accounting functions in the IARD system is made available.

Account Payment Methods & Addresses
Discussed are the types of payment accepted to fund your firmís Flex-Funding Account and the appropriate addresses for financial remittances.

Instructions for Requesting Refunds
Instructions are provided on how to request a refund from your firm's Flex-Funding Account.

IARD Frequently Asked Questions: Accounting
Examples are given of questions and answers regarding the accounting functionality in IARD.

IARD Renewal Program
View information about the annual IARD Renewal Program.