IARDTM facilitates the collection and disbursement of fees associated with filings processed on the system. Once an Investment Adviser (IA) firm establishes a user account to obtain access to and file in IARD, a Flex-Funding Account is also set up for that firm. The links available below will provide important information on IA-related fees For additional information regarding E-Bill, please refer to the E-Bill User's Guide.


IA Firm Fees

IA Representative (IAR) Fees


Electronic Payment via E-Bill.

E-Bill User Guide

Account Payment Methods & Addresses
Includes the types of payment accepted and the addresses to fund your firm’s Flex-Funding Account.

Requesting a Refund Check
How to request a refund check for your firm's Flex-Funding Account balance.

IARD Frequently Asked Questions: Transactions
Questions and answers regarding transaction activity in IARD.

IARD Renewal Program
View information about the annual IARD Renewal Program.