Welcome to the IARDTM website. This site provides investment adviser firms and representatives with a variety of information about the Investment Adviser Registration Depository (IARD) system. IARD is an electronic filing system that facilitates investment adviser registration, exempt reporting adviser filing, regulatory review, and the public disclosure information of registered investment adviser firms and individuals. FINRA is the developer and operator of IARD. The system has been developed according to the requirements of its sponsors, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA), along with those of an Industry Advisory Council representing the investment adviser firms.  

Information about investment advisers for the investing public can be found on the Investment Adviser Public Disclosure (IAPD) website.

IARD/PFRD System Availability

IARD and PFRD are generally available from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m., Eastern Time (ET), Monday through Friday. Please refer to the IARD/PFRD Availability Schedule for detailed weekend and holiday availability.

What’s New on IARD

Please look to this area of the home page on a frequent basis for regular updates, new information, and documents about how to use IARD.

  • 2020 Renewal Program
    The 2020 Renewal Program concluded January 17, the deadline for Final Statement payments. Any additional payments should be made in  E-Bill. Details of the 2021 Renewal Program will become available in early November 2020. 
  • System Release Notes
    View explanations of recent and upcoming system changes in the release notes linked below:


  • Protect Personal Information! Remember to only provide personal information about individuals in response to specific questions that solicit that information. When responding to more general questions that accept narrative responses, use terms that do not disclose personal information (including account numbers). Please review the guidance provided on the Protecting Personal Information in Form ADV Filings page for more information.
  • Form ADV Changes: Effective with Release 2017.09, Form ADV was revised with SEC-mandated changes. Please consult the following resources to learn more:
  • Password Update
    FINRA implemented additional password requirements and features for users of FINRA Entitlement applications/systems, including IARD and Web CRD. Passwords changed or created on or after July 29, 2017, must adhere to the updated requirements. Learn more on the FINRA Password Requirements page.
  • New Web Browser Requirements for Web CRD/IARD: Beginning September 30, 2017, IARD and Web CRD will only support newer versions of web browsers to securely transmit information over the internet. You can check your current web browser at https://whatbrowser.org. If it does not meet or exceed the minimum browser requirements listed below, you must upgrade your web browser in order to continue accessing Web CRD/IARD on or after September 30.
    • Chrome versions released after 2011 (4 or higher)
    • Firefox versions released after 2011 (4 or higher)
    • Internet Explorer versions released after 2013 (11 or Edge)
    • Safari versions released after 2013 (7 or higher)
  • Investment Adviser Representative Fingerprint Submissions
    FINRA does not process fingerprint transactions for investment adviser (IA) firms. An IA-only firm must submit fingerprints directly to those states that require a fingerprint check for an RA registration. Contact the applicable state to verify state fingerprint requirements. Fingerprint submissions received by FINRA from an IA-only firm will not be returned to the firm.
  • FINRA.org: Add to Safe-Sender Email List
    FINRA is the operator of IARD on behalf of the IARD program sponsors which are the SEC and NASAA. In order to ensure consistent delivery of FINRA emails to your inboxes, please add our email domain, FINRA.org to your firm's safe-sender list as soon as possible. Please review this Subscriptions Help page for instructions on how to add email addresses/domains to your firm’s specific email application. If your email application requires you to enter individual email addresses to your safe-sender list in addition to, or in lieu of, an email domain, please add the following addresses:

    Also, if you are an SEC-registered IA firm, please add: [email protected]

  • Form ADV-E Guidance for Independent Public Accountants
    A quick reference guide to the Form ADV-E Surprise Examination Filing website is now available for independent public accountants conducting a surprise inspection of an investment adviser firm.
  • SEC Division of Investment Management: Electronic Filing for Investment Advisers on IARD
    Visit the SEC website for information on IARD.